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A website design service using the Wix platform! The basic £250 price is for a 4 page portfolio. More pages and an online store will cost more. 


Lead times are from the time you send me all the details/images etc of what you want on your website- not from the time of your order. 


What I will do for you:

I will design you a porfolio website using the Wix platform. Once ordered, please email me with your general theme, colour scheme, titles for pages, text to feature on pages etc. One of the main things when desiging a website is high quality photos. If you would like my advice on whether I think your photos are suitable, please just email me before you order so I can check them.


Once the design is approved, I will send a link to transfer the website to you. The website will not yet be live. In order to make it live, you can either Publish it as it is using the wix domain name, or you can transfer or connect an existing domain name / purchase a domain name from Wix. The website will then belong to you. As Wix is quite a user friendly platform, you should be able to make changes to it yourself; update prices, photos etc. However, if you would like me to do this for you in future, there is a charge of £20 per hour.


What is included:

You can chose the number of pages needed. As a guide, here is what would work well:

4 Pages

1. Home page (featuring about you, about your business, testimonials and contact me section) 

2. Gallery

3. Terms and Conditions

4. Menu / Price Guide / Services Offered


5 Pages

As above but with an Enquiry / Quote Form or Blog


6 Pages plus

As above but have seperate pages for "About You" "About the Business" "Services" "Blog" anything you can think of!


Online Stores:

The price of an online store will be payable to wix. I will design the online store page for you (similar to the one on this website) and list up to 3 products on your behalf. It is quite easy for you to list them once the initial product is there (if you prefer me to list them, then there is a charge of £2 per product)


What is NOT included:

For a standard website with no added features, the hosting is free. However, if you chose the free option, then you can not use your own domain name. If you would like to use your own domain name, purchase a domain name or have an online shop, then there is a cost involved. Prices can be found here on the Wix website. All of the fees will be payable to them.


If you have your own domain name already, or wish to purchase one from Wix, more information can be found here although I don't mind trying to help you do it.


I regret that I am unable to offer an SEO service. 


I am unable to offer a website design service using platforms other than wix. 


Website Design

  • You will receive up to three rounds of revisions per page, then any extra rounds will be £20.

  • If I send you a proof or revision and do not hear back from you within 4 weeks, the project will be classed as ABANDONED. If you wish to re-open an abandoned project then a £40 fee will apply. If I then send you another proof and do not hear from you again within 4 weeks you will need to pay the £40 fee again if you wish to reopen the project and so on. No refunds will be made. 

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