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Everybody loves stickers, they are an effective yet inexpensive way of personalising your products. If you have a logo, great! If you dont have a logo, it doesnt matter, I can still print a sticker to suit your business. Please note that all stickers must contain the same design, if you would like more than one design, please email us so we can advise. 


Available in packs of 6 sheets or 20 sheets in a variety of sizes. The stickers are printed on plain sticker paper (not gloss or matt)


Sizes Available:

25mm (70 Stickers per sheet)

37mm (35 Stickers per sheet)

45mm (24 Stickers per sheet)


Please note that some sticker designs are small, so if you add too much text it may not be readable when printed. We can advise of the best design layout when you order. The small stickers also work best with no border around the edge, as these are extremely difficult to line up.


Please email any files you would like to use to or there is a link to upload files at checkout.


Circular Stickers

  • If I haven't designed your logo, then I can still design your stationery, but your logo must be supplied in a high resolution format, preferably a vector file. This will ensure that I can design your work to the highest standard possible. Blurry logos are not a good look! 

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