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A logo is an important part of your business. It is the first thing people notice and if it's done well, it will leave a lasting impression.


I have been desigining logos since 2012, and have a vast portfolio which can be seen on my social media pages and throughout this website. My little "Purple Scrunch" people have become very popular over the years.


Before purchasing, please email your logo ideas to so I can see if I can help, and if I can, I will give you the correct price tier to purchase.


The more information you have, the better. This will help me greatly in giving you an accurate price. All logos are priced using the information you give, so if you later decide to change your idea, then the price may increase. The price is for one logo concept only, multiple concepts will incur additional fees. 


When thinking about your logo ideas think about your business name, colours, themes, style and images. If you have seen any logos I have designed previously feel free to mention them, so I know the style you like.


Character Logo Design

  • All personalised digital files have 3 rounds of revisions included in the price quoted. If more revisions are required then a £5 charge per revision will be added to your order. It is recommended that you provide as many details as possible as to what you would like in your design, as this cuts down on revisions. If you choose to change concepts entirely, then this will be classed as a new item. No refunds will be made once work on your item has commenced. 

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